About us

Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Fosun Pharmaceutical') was founded in 1994. It was listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange and Hong Kong Stock Exchange in August 1998 and October 2012 respectively (Stock Code: 600196-sh, 02196-hk). It is a leading listed company in China's medical and pharmaceutical industry. Fosun Pharma focuses on the modern biomedical health industry, seizes the rapid growth of Chinese pharmaceutical market and the huge opportunity for Chinese enterprises to enter the world mainstream pharmaceutical market, strategically covers many important links of the pharmaceutical health industry chain, such as R & D, manufacturing, distribution and terminal, and forms a core of R & D and manufacturing of drugs, and at the same time, in the pharmaceutical circulation, medical services, medical diagnosis and medicine Medical devices and other fields have a leading market position, forming a large professional medical and health industry group with competitive advantages in R & D innovation, marketing, M & A integration, talent construction, etc.

Fosun Pharmaceutical attaches great importance to innovation and R & D, has a national enterprise technology center, and has established an efficient international R & D team in Shanghai, Chongqing and the United States. The R & D of the company focuses on cardiovascular, anti-tumor, central nervous system, blood system, metabolism, digestive tract, anti infection and other treatment fields, and the main products occupy a leading position in their respective market segments. In China, Fosun Pharmaceutical has gained the competitive advantages in liver disease, diabetes, tuberculosis, clinical diagnosis products and other market segments; in the global market, Fosun Pharmaceutical has also become a leader in antimalarial drugs.

Group to introduce

While focusing on the development of core pharmaceutical business, Fosun Pharmaceutical actively develops the field of medical services and further consolidates its competitive advantages in the fields of medical diagnosis and medical devices. At present, Fosun Pharmaceutical has established a solid foundation in domestic high-end and specialized medical services. Fosun Pharmaceutical is also the second largest shareholder of Sinopharm holdings, the largest pharmaceutical distribution enterprise in China, and has leading regional retail chain brands such as Fumei pharmacy and Jinxiang pharmacy, forming a pharmaceutical retail pattern centered on Shanghai and Beijing and facing the national development.

Fosun Pharmaceutical adheres to the principle of sustainable development and integrates the implementation of social responsibility into the long-term strategy of enterprise development. In the process of enterprise operation and development, Fosun Pharmaceutical has always been with a grateful attitude, striving to be an enterprise satisfying the society, government, employees and shareholders.

Continue to innovate and share health. Facing the future, Fosun Pharmaceutical will continue to take the promotion of human health as its mission, adopt the strategic development mode of 'endogenous growth, extension expansion and integrated development', continuously improve the innovation ability, service ability, integration ability and internationalization ability, and efficiently operate, manage and invest in outstanding enterprises in the industry, so as to become a leading company providing health products and services.