Software development engineer

Job responsibilities:

1. Develop related supporting upper computer software for product development, testing and production process

2. Assist to solve the technical problems in the process of product development, testing and production

3. Responsible for the preparation of software change description, functional description and other documents, and assisted in the completion of relevant product certification

4. Maintain the open software, and constantly update and improve the software according to the requirements

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, automation, communication, electronics or related;

2. Proficient in C#, VB and other languages, familiar with. Net platform, Winform or WPF interface development experience;

3. Familiar with the application design and development of SQL Server, Oracle and other mainstream databases.

4. Strong sense of responsibility, proactive, dedicated and meticulous;

5. Strong communication skills, teamwork spirit and professionalism.