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2019-05-13 17:26:35

New products and new technology of Fosun long march!

In this CMEF, Fosun long march actively responded to the theme of the conference, bringing new reagent products and full line diagnostic instruments to the exhibition. At the same time of sharing new technologies and products, we will learn and communicate with guests and scholars from all walks of life.

Let's take stock of this exhibition

Key products of Fosun Long March exhibition!


Bohao medical specialty project

Bohao medicine, a member enterprise of Fosun Long March, participated in the CMEF exhibition with two characteristic projects: 'thyroid imprinted gene test' and 'Baifu Changkang' test project. The atmosphere was hot and the data was in urgent need.

'Thyroid imprinted gene detection' can help to distinguish the benign and malignant thyroid nodules of various types, independent of cell morphology, and can grade the degree of benign and malignant thyroid nodules, with simple and accurate criteria, sensitivity and specificity of more than 90%.

'Baifu Changkang' only needs to collect 2ml of peripheral blood of the examinee. By detecting the characteristic changes of related gene mRNA in peripheral blood leukocytes, early colorectal cancer can be found.

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Overall solution of microbiological laboratory

The overall solution of microorganism laboratory launched by Fosun Long March includes two products: automatic mass spectrometry detection system and automatic bacterial culture monitoring system.

The automatic mass spectrometry detection system adopts advanced solid-state laser and unique pattern matching algorithm, and the detection results are fast, accurate and efficient.

The automatic bacterial culture and identification system adopts the color source detection technology, and the positive report time of common pathogenic bacteria is less than 24 hours; at the same time, it adopts four temperature control modules, which can customize the cultivation conditions of each module, breaking through the shackles of traditional conditions.

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Automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay instrument

Lumiart - Ⅱ - 1 automatic chemiluminescent immunoassay instrument has been stably used in the terminal market and has good feedback. Lumiart - Ⅱ - 3 immune analyzer is a small non single light-emitting detector with the function of automatic loading, which weighs no more than 100kg. The two models meet the needs of different scenarios. Long march chemiluminescent line adheres to the open cooperation mentality, and provides instrument OEM and reagent large packaging cooperation to accelerate the rapid market demand of manufacturers.

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Long march biochemical products recommendation

In 2019, Fosun Long March won CNAs laboratory accreditation. Recommended items:

High specific marker of vascular inflammation - lipoprotein associated 

phospholipase A2

Pepsinogen 1 / 2: a marker for early screening of gastric cancer

Early glycometabolism

Lipid metabolism marker free fatty acid

Our purpose: to provide reliable and accurate reference measurement and in vitro diagnostic reagent testing services; to provide biochemical reagents with good performance and quality.

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Building an integrated solution platform for tuberculosis in the long march of Fosun

Help eliminate tuberculosis


Enzyme linked immunospot analyzer realizes the automatic quantitative results of T-SPOT, connects LIS system to automatically generate graphic reports to ensure the results can be traced, and solves the two major pain points of latent tuberculosis infection and active tuberculosis which are difficult to distinguish and the treatment effect of tuberculosis can not be monitored through the ratio of spots. The whole analysis process is automated without any parameter or correction, which ensures the reliability of the results and is not affected by human subjectivity, detection time and location.

For the first time, the exhibition focused on the introduction of personalized drug use guidance program for tuberculosis, and monitored the blood concentration of various first-line tuberculosis drugs, such as isoniazid, rifampicin, pyrazinamide, to solve the difficulties of TB drug resistance detection, high adverse reaction rate and low cure rate.

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Chronic disease detection platform

Zhongsheng Zhongjie has launched four key products, including electrochemistry, dry chemistry and photoelectrochemistry. Among them, the five in one dry chemical analyzer integrated with photoelectrochemistry is the latest technology highlight of this exhibition. The five in one dry chemical analyzer integrates the detection of blood glucose, uric acid, blood lipid and chronic kidney disease, with high technology and high integration, which is safer, more accurate and faster.

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