The first station investigation of the long march of Fosun


2015-05-29 18:17:54

On May 25, under the guidance of Shanghai food and drug administration, Shanghai medical device industry association and, the activity of 'quality of in vitro diagnostic reagent' was officially launched in Shanghai. As an important part of the event, six representative in vitro diagnostic products manufacturers in Shanghai will be interviewed and investigated by delegations from central and local media. Among them, Shanghai fosun long march medical science co., LTD. (fosun long march for short), a subsidiary of fosun pharmaceutical co., LTD., located in baoshan city industrial park, became the first enterprise to be interviewed and investigated by the media.

The activity of 'medical device quality 10,000 miles' aims to objectively reflect the quality and safety status of in vitro diagnostic product manufacturers, promote the enterprises to strengthen the quality management awareness, implement the quality first responsibility, promote the integrity system construction and quality management level improvement, and guide the healthy development of the industry.

On the same day, main research activities in the form of a seminar, Shanghai municipal food and drug administration medical device regulatory Lin Senyong director, news propaganda division Yang Binsheng, deputy director of the Shanghai association for medical devices industry, Xinhua News Agency, the China youth daily, Chinese medicine, medicine economic news, morning news, xinmin evening news, news and so on more than a dozen mainstream media reporters, fosun medicine diagnosis, head of the relevant enterprises took part in the activity. Zhu yaoyi, vice President and general manager of medical diagnosis division of fosun and chairman of fosun long march, gave a welcome speech. After the meeting, the reporter, accompanied by the staff, visited the production and r&d base of fosun long march.


The media delegation visited the fosun long march

Fosun pharmaceutical co., LTD. (fosun) has been specialized in the field of in vitro diagnosis for many years. Founded in 1989, fosun long march company is a collection of product research and development, production and sales of in vitro diagnostic reagents and laboratory and diagnostic instruments and equipment in the integration of high-tech enterprises, products related to clinical chemistry, clinical immunology, molecular diagnosis and clinical microbiology laboratory medicine field, is the domestic varieties in in vitro diagnostic production-oriented enterprises covers one of the most comprehensive enterprise.

According to the introduction, fosun long march actively explore innovation, not only has an experienced professional technical team, but also established a sound quality management system. The product from the research and development, raw materials, production process, quality testing, market technical services and other key links of the control, are strictly in accordance with the relevant national quality management requirements to be implemented. At present, fosun long march has obtained more than 100 product registration certificates approved by the food and drug supervision system, dozens of authorized patents, undertaken more than 863 national projects, and received support from the national and provincial governments for a number of scientific research and industrialization projects.


The media delegation visited the quality department

During the media interaction and questioning session, the participating journalists fully communicated with chairman zhu on the innovation of in vitro diagnostic products and the future development of fosun long march. 'China's medical device market is entering a stage of rapid development, and in vitro diagnostics will grow at the same time. It has become the largest branch of the medical device industry. Fosun long march attaches great importance to product innovation and quality, actively participates in EHS system management while promoting enterprise development planning, and successfully passes the certification of safety production standards. According to the requirements of fosun pharmaceutical group headquarters, we actively participate in the third party certification of corporate social responsibility report every year, with good results, and fully demonstrate the strategy of fosun pharmaceutical to pursue the sustainable development of enterprises.