The company adheres to the values of honesty and integrity, and adheres to the working policy of "punishment and prevention, prevention first, case investigation, error correction". It strictly punishes corruption. At the same time, it strengthens internal governance and control, guides employees to perform their duties with integrity, practices with integrity, creates and maintains the company's culture environment of honesty, promotes the company's compliance construction, and prevents damage The company's and shareholders' interest behaviors can ensure the company's healthy, stable and sustainable development.


We can not only provide clean products and services, but also provide products and services in a clean way.

Anti-Corruption Supervision Department (ACSD)
Anti-Corruption Supervision Department (ACSD)

The Company's Anti-Corruption Supervision Department (ACSD) is a compliance department of independence, responsible for the implementation, supervision, and management of anti-corruption actions. It answers directly to Chairman of the Company's Board of Directors and operates under the leadership of the Board of Directors.

Report and Complaint Policies
Report and Complaint Policies

Informants can file complaints through the following channels:

(1) Report hotline:(86)021-33987226

(2) Email

(3) Internet report:

(4) WeChat public account report: FOSUN PHARMA

(5) Letter report: Anti-Corruption Supervision Department of the Company, Building A, No. 1289 Yishan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai Postal Code:200233